Organic Cleaning

Green Cleaning Products Kermit Would Love

Green Steamers use only non-toxic, all-natural green cleaning products in all of our cleaning treatments. We firmly believe in the safety and conservation of our environment and, therefore, actively choose Green Seal Certified or EPA approved products. With these products, you can enjoy effective, clean results without lab-created, harsh ingredients.

Certified Green

Green Steamers operates under a mission to provide the NYC area with a complete green clean. In order to do so, we search out specific cleaning product distributors with green products. These green products treat and clean carpets, area rugs and upholstery without causing damage to the natural environment or your family’s health. Most people do not realize the far-reaching negative affects of chemical cleansers. That’s why we’re here to help with non-toxic, all-natural green products

Although the name sounds scary, our main carpet cleaning green product, DFC 105 from ChemSpec, removes all stains and dirt by converting them into free rising natural soaps. This makes carpet cleaning easy, quick and chemical free. The product also features certifications from the Green Guard Environmental Institute, Green Seal and TerraChoice. With all these green benefits, you know that the cleanliness and health of both your family and our environment take top priority.

Good Choice, Green Choice

For our other green cleaning products, we use natural, chemical free solutions from other green certified distributors. These companies include Green Depot, Earth Choice and OdoBan. They help us maintain the green clean throughout your home without all of the synthetic chemicals. So when you choose Green Steamers for your green carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning, you receive a safe and insured green clean.

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