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Green Cleaning NYC Tips & Info

Looking for a little green cleaning tips & Info to help with the mess on your carpet? We’re happy to share our carpet maintenance know-how with you. green cleaning nyc give you free info.

Vacuum frequently, if not daily. Dirt causes most of the premature damage and fading of your carpet. We recommend that you not only vacuum more often, but also, as thoroughly and effectively as possible.

Treat stains ASAP. Whether you just spilled a drop of wine or a cup of juice, take action to clean the spot as soon as possible. Most stains can be treated and removed if you act immediately. The longer you leave it, the more difficult it is to remove.

Gently scrape the spot. We do not suggest that you dig or brush spots or stains in your carpet, rug or upholstery. Instead, gently scrape the spot towards the middle and then dampen it with a white towel or cloth. Let the stain the carpet or rug stand over night, untouched, to dry.

Blot it out. If you have a wet spot in your carpet or rug, do not rub it. Instead, we suggest that you blot it. Rubbing a wet spot spreads the stains. If you have a dry spot, vacuum away the excess dirt before dampening the area.

Clean with something mild and gentle. When using spot agents, always begin the cleaning process with the mildest solution. Unless absolutely necessary, avoid spotting agents completely. If you do need to use a spotting agent, always neutralize with high alkaline or high acid cleansers afterward. And remember, always rinse thoroughly. Left-over cleaning products may attract more soil.

Test a patch of carpet first. Before attempting to clean spots in your carpet, we suggest that you test a patch to see how it reacts. Certain types of cleaners may be too harsh which causes loss of color and/or texture.

Club soda to the rescue. No need to cry over spilled wine or dark juice on your carpet, rug or upholstery. Just use some club soda as it generally removes most dark red stains.

Wait for it to dry. If you find yourself unhappy with the DIY treatments we suggest, wait for the area to dry completely first before attempting another treatment.

Ask Google for help. Still struggling over a stubborn spot or stain? Do your homework and research different cleansers and disinfectants before choosing an over-the-counter solution.

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