Green Upholstery Cleaning NYC

Go Green with Green Green-Steamers

We specialize in green cleaning services including green upholstery cleaning. A professional cleaning eliminates all stains and extracts dirt and allergens trapped within your upholstered furniture. At Green Steamers, our green upholstery cleaning nyc technicians perform confident and thorough treatments.

We use the same gentle, yet effective, non-toxic, all-natural green products in our green cleaning treatment to keep your family and our environment safe, healthy and clean. These products penetrate deep into your furniture to release the messes completely. They quickly and easily rinse out without disturbing the texture or look of your chosen upholstery covering. Our non-toxic, all-natural green products provide you safe and healthy results.

Our technicians handle you upholstery with close attention and respect during a green upholstery cleaning treatment. Using high-efficiency green cleaning machines, we gently reach deep into the crevices of your furniture without harming seams or stitches. Our machines use less water and electricity while achieving a perfect clean. They help us maintain our green practices to ensure a healthy home and future for our environment.

Remember that when you book our green upholstery cleaningnyc technicians for a treatment with Green Steamers, you receive a 100% guarantee on the work we perform. We promise to deliver you reliable, quality results you can see and feel. But if for any reason you require a re-clean, just give us a call. We will send a technician to your home as soon as possible.

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